Our Company

“Beltrán Fortuny” was founded in June 1981 by the late Chemist Rafael Beltrán Fortuny† , who served as an Industrial Property and Technology Transfer Expert, with a practical and objective focus and vast experience acquired from having held, among others, such positions as Chief Chemist at Monsanto Mexicana and International Director of Patents for a leading Intellectual Property Firm in Mexico.

Those of us who are presently following his laudable example practice as “Beltrán Fortuny & Beltrán Rivera SC”, a multidisciplinary team of professionals with state-of-the-art knowledge offering technical and legal services in the prosecution and protection of Intellectual Property Rights with different scopes and variations including, amongst others, Plant Breeders' Rights and Domain Names.

We are committed to grant “Certainty you can trust”. We offer our clients legal services related to the prosecution, maintenance, preservation and defense of intellectual Pproperty Rights, namley, Patents, Trademarks, Copyright, inter alia.

We will be proud to form part of your team.