Commercial Slogans

Information and documentation required to apply for Registration of Commercial Slogans in Mexico.

  1. Applicant or applicants: Name, nationality or nationalities and address(es) (P.O. Box addresses are not accepted.) Where there are two or more applicants, they must submit, together with their application, the use terms, limitations on products or services, licensing, cancellation and assignment of the trademark, signed by all the applicants.
  2. The commercial slogan: The phrase or sentence to be registered, comprising letters or words in the modern international Latin alphabet, Occidental Arabic numbers and the punctuation required for it to be read correctly.
  3. The class and the products or services to which the commercial slogan will be applied to: Pursuant to the International Class of Products and Services for Trademark Registration Purposes, as provided by the Nice Agreement. Each application shall cover products or services belonging to one class only.
  4. Use of the commercial slogan: The indication that the applicant has not used the commercial slogan in Mexico, or the date (day/month/year) on which the applicant began using the commercial slogan in Mexico in connection with the products or services listed in the application. When a date of first use is indicated, the location of the establishment related to the commercial slogan shall be specified.
  5. Power-of-attorney: For individuals, signed by the applicant and two witnesses, whose names and addresses must be indicated. For businesses, it must be executed by its legal representative and two witnesses, whose names and addresses must be indicated, and the blanks in the Declaration form filled out with the information required.