Commercial Names

Information and documentation required to apply for the Publication of a Trade Name in Mexico.

  1. For the applicant(s): Name(s), nationality or nationalities and address(es) (P.O. Box addresses are not acceptable.) Where there are two or more applicants, they shall submit with their application the terms of use, limitations on products or services, licensing, cancellation and assignment of the trade name.
  2. For the trade name: The reproduction of the trade name of a company or industrial, commercial or services site.
  3. The line of business: Of the company or site to which the trade name is to be applied.
  4. Date of initial use: The date (day/month/year) on which the applicant began using the trade name in Mexico.
  5. Effective use: An attestation of the facts by a Notary Public or Public Broker, accrediting the use of the trade name of the company or establishment applicable to the line of business, as well as photographs of the building, exhibiting that trade name.
  6. The power-of-attorney: For individuals, it shall be signed by the applicant and two witnesses, whose names and addresses shall be shown. For corporations, it shall be signed by the legal representative and two witnesses, whose names and addresses shall be shown, and the blank spaces in the form shall be filled out with the required information.